Desiccant packet


So after using my GlowForge for months and cutting, engraving, and scoring many items I decided to give it a more through cleaning. In the back corner under the laser tube I find a bag of desiccant. Is it supposed to stay there permanently or did I miss removing this when unpacking?


Pretty sure that can come out. Best case, no harm done, worst case, it catches on something moving and causes issues.

EDIT: might want to wait for official word [this should have been in problems and support maybe], but I’ve never noticed any dessicant pack other than the one that shipped with it and that came right out.


FWIW mine has no desiccant packet anywhere under the tube.


“Do not eat” packs were a late addition to packing and shipping (late 2017, I believe). Should be safe to remove and of course, do not eat. :innocent::rofl:


The steel earwires I just bought had a warning on the label saying “do not ingest.” I am not making this up. #Murica :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There goes my dinner plan. Back to the drawing board.


Back in the early 90s I was waiting for a software developer to get back to his desk so I could ask him about something, and noticed a 3.5" floppy disk lying there from one of his code projects. It had a label on it with big red letters that said “DO NOT EAT!!!” When he showed up, I asked him why, and he gave me a wide-eyed look, and replied, “Because! That would be BAD!”

Software developers are a strange breed. :slight_smile:


She says, to the software developer. Goes back to labeling things re: their edibility.


She says, AS a (former) software developer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I took out the desiccant and threw it in my Proofgrade storage drawer. :slight_smile:


Actually that may not be a bad idea to start storing (with my proofgrade and other substrates) all the various ones I’ve received over the ages (Get quite a few coming into work as well - usually save a ziplock full of 'em just in case I drop some electronic in water)


They’ll have long since stopped absorbing anything by then.


If they are silica gel you can “recharge” them by drying them out in your oven.


Also, Coffee can be Hot. :roll_eyes: