Design Assistance Requested

I have a project that has been bouncing around my head for awhile now and it would be awesome if I could work with someone who is actually artistic to try and bring it to life.

There is someone very close to me who is currently going through a VERY tough time in their life (rehab level rough). Their Birthday is next week and while I cannot actually give them anything at this time, I wanted to show them a depiction of what I want to make for them once I get my GF.

The Idea is to make a pendant on a Necklace that says “I’ve Made it” on the front, and “This far” on the back. It’s symbolic of their journey through this difficult period. A brave face to show to the world (I’ve Made it) and a personal encouragement that they can take at least one more step (This far).

Currently my efforts end up just being slanted text on a small piece of wood (1" square) and I’d like to give them something a little nicer looking than that. I’m not 100% sold on doing this on wood if a different medium would look better (etching stone to symbolize permanence of resolve for instance).

So really two separate requests. First is a design and the second is material to put it on (including how to attach it to a necklace). I’m hoping this is a simple sort of thing for someone who is more artistically inclined than myself.


Thinking on it (no promises that will yield anything helpful, but I’ll think on it :wink: )

Is the person male or female? Does it have to have words, or can you use symbols of some sort to convey the same concept?

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Similar to what @Drea is asking: Do they have any connection to another language in which you would be willing to write the phrase?

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I know someone in that same place right now.

Silhouette of a person walking down a path from the back on one side with half of the saying. Front and the rest of the words on the other side. Could be kind of generic. Probably could be done well too, though.

Maybe the side that shows the front of the person could be where the personal, special thing is added. It would be hidden normally. A wink or hand gesture or funny t-shirt or they are holding a flower or…

Person is at bottom of trail on first side and top on the other.

Just brainstorming.


@Drea This individual is female, but if the concept really works, then I’m also considering making more to give to the others on the floor (with permission from the rehab folks of course). They are allowed jewelry, but a necklace might not be allowed (they can’t have shoes because shoelaces could be used to hurt themselves).

She was quite interested in the phrase specifically, But I’d certainly consider an image as well.

One image that has struck me pretty hard is the tattoo that had been going around that said “I’m Fine” to anyone else looking at it, but when the person looked at their own tattoo from above, it read “Save me” to them.


@tuck No I don’t think she knows any other language except English, but that doesn’t mean she can’t learn a phrase. It may even make the meaning more special to her.

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Just wanted to see if anyone had any inspiring ideas? I will be visiting her Sunday and I’ll bring my design, but I just know that someone with an artistic bent will be able to put together something much more touching than simply words on a bit of wood.