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Trying to figure out how to —> cut into 2 pieces an illustration of a sailboat so I can laser it on some scrape wood pieces (3 3/8" x 15") - 6 of them placed horizontally (landscape). Obviously to fit the bed of the Glowforge this will mean that I can only place 3 of them on the bed. Are you following so far?

I am using INKSCAPE for this project and have 1) traced the bitmap image; 2) done a break apart of the resultant path; 3) what now???

For the engraved areas, you will likely want to make sure that the paths are closed for each section. It’s not going to matter for any scoring - just make sure your colors are consistent. But you can get some unexpected results trying to engrave open paths.

Are you using Snapmarks for aligning? If so, there’s a writeup here on how to use them for Passthrough work…you can probably use them the same way for separate sections.

Or if you don’t have those yet, you can try indexing marks:

To keep things simple I would use the Edit>Make Bitmap Copy command to make a bitmap of the whole thing, then use Clipping Paths to split each section out, then use Edit>Make Bitmap Copy again to make each clipped section into a bitmap since the GFUI doesnt handle clipping paths.

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Are you cutting, scoring, or engraving, or all of the above? If you want to keep it all vectors you can cut Path > Cut Path or do other booleans with shapes.

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