Design Catalog Refreshment

I want to spend my Design Catalog credit… there just isnt anything in there that intrigues me yet. Is there going to be some new things added any time soon? Also, is there ever going to be a feature where we can all add designs to the catalog and share design files? I also hear there is not a way to download the source files once you buy a design… is that true? If so, will that change? Thanks for your help yall, this forum is really great and I am loving my Glowforge so far. Blessings



I don’t know the answer to most of your questions, but would like to thank you for sharing a link to your art. I like your geometric style! When are we going to see some it Lasered?


I too would like to know when we can start adding designs as well.

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Awww, thank you! I am in the process of lasering a lot of it… for some reason I have been kind of reclusive and haven’t been sharing a lot here in the forums… maybe because I am still getting used to lasering and want to make something super epic before I share it :slight_smile: I have just been engraving my art onto wood for now… But I plan to take it to the next level with layering and 3d stuff. Ill post when it gets juicy <3 Thank you so much for liking my art.


We have a lot of improvements planned for the catalog, but we don’t announce future changes before they’re done - so for now, all I can say is, stay tuned. We’ll post in Latest Announcements (on the right side of when things change. We definitely want to get our customers’ work into the catalog!


Thank you Dan. For everything. It has been a wild journey, but I hope you are feeling prosperous and happy.