Design Challenge #1

IC = integrated circuit. AVR is a type of computer chip architecture. Basically electronics.

I see karaelena edited the post to add not.

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To be clear, I like any siege engine, but my like was for including wooden livestock. I’ll throw in a row of :+1::clap: if you add an engrave of, “your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries” on it.


Very good!

Thanks! I’ll add the acronyms to my ever expanding list of new terms.

This is FANTASTIC! :tada::boom::confetti_ball: Thanks for being the first to post a project.

Yes, livestock, please. :cow2::sheep::pig2::baby_chick::rooster::goat:


Oh shoot, now I’m going to need to figure out how to actually convert things into usable formats.

I think this did it… maybe? Help! @smcgathyfay! I need an adult!

and I’ll see about drawing up some livestock ammo for it.

ETA: Oh, and it’s drawn assuming 1/4" stock. I was imagining wood, but I suppose it doesn’t make much difference. Clear acrylic? It’d look like Wonder Woman got a siege engine from the same people who built her jet.

ETA2: Updated a mismeasured part on the SVG based off of @smcgathyfay’s suggestions, but did not change for the kerf, yet.


That’s pretty sweet!! It would go well on my desktop to hurl things at my son when he gets off topic during homeschool… lol :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That downloaded fine into CorelDraw and inkscape. Just had to ungroup and remove the material outline. I think you’re good to go.



Yay! Now we just have to hope GFHQ isn’t reduced to rubble by tiny trebuchets.


Aww solidworks doesnt play well with svg…
CorelDraw it is.

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I had just started drawing up a trebuchet before checking this thread - looks like I should find something else to submit… or try to outdo you :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! Great minds…
I’m down for a medieval arms race if you are :grin:

oooh, someone should do a ballista that can fire pencils!


Ok one thing I did notice is that the slots and tabs seem to be the same size. This doesn’t account for kerf. It’s the difference of tight fit/no glue or loose fit/with glue.

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Trebuchet battle…I’m sure there’s more than a few ways to design a trebuchet…love to see your version


There’s just something about Geeks, nerds, and medieval Siege weapons.


Argh, stupid kerf. I mean I sorta assumed glue anyway, but that’s a frustrating thing to overlook. Is it not possible to align to cut outside of the path so that the kerf is wholly in the waste material?

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Honesty I’ve never tried with the software…lol
But with so many hills and valleys so to speak it would be alot of inside outside adjustments

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If you decide to do a “how to” video, these are the kinds of things that us non-laser types want to know how to understand. I would have thought that the amount of material that is lost when the laser cuts the material would allow the tabs to fit the slots with room for glue. I have soooo much to learn.:cry:


Yes, it would fit with gluing, but when you can get a fit that no glue is necessary, it’s pretty nice :slight_smile:


How do you make the joints tighter?