Design Challenge: Halloween



Hey folks!

The recent cute uploads of Halloween-inspired tealight holders by @smcgathyfay got me to thinking. It would be nice to be able to make little items (with a laser of course) to pass out on Halloween to those kids who for allergy or diet related reasons can’t wallow in the candy everybody else gets. Like a puzzle or box or something that lights up with LEDs or… You get the picture! It needs to be small and inexpensive and not too labor intensive. If you come up with something, post it in the Free Laser Designs category and link to it here.

No prizes I’m afraid, unless you would like me to send you a handmade Halloween card. Or I could bead up something.


You could laser a tiny spider or skull on a pencil.


Hey, yeah! Also, it would be a good test of GF autofocus on a curve. :wink:


True! :smiley:


Or just make little scary medallions - a simple ghost, a spider, a pumpkin…thread them on a heavy embroidery thread and the kids can use them as bracelets or backpack charms, or something along those lines.

Your house will be some kind of popular with the kiddies!


Just come up with a very draft idea for Halloween decorations by using powerful GF and avoid having too much repeated labour work.


I like that grim reaper idea! :smiley:


The chain thing might be cool for @smcgathyfay and her pumpkins.


If anyone needs some cool fake blood, you can try a concoction I put together. Add red food coloring to sodium silicate (waterglass) and dab with a small amount of isopropyl rubbing alcohol to set up. It looks like blood setting up and when fully dry, it looks like dark dry blood flaking off. Take care if applying to skin as it is very dehydrating and the flaking clots represent a respiratory risk.


Wow! That is amazing art. I so want a Glowforge now just for the ability to do custom tchotchkes at the holidays.


I keep thinking of ( not just for Halloween) of using the laser on craft sticks ( Popsicle sticks - tounge depressors or whatever name you use). What you do is line them up in a row (flat) so they make about a square, then just engrave a vector image on them ( for Halloween a witch, mummy,ghost, etc.) then flip them all over and engrave another image. When done pull out all the sticks ( I’d assume about six to ten of them?) and you have a neat 2-sided puzzle as you try and arrange them in order/side. May even be difficult for older kids if 2-sided!. What do you think? Kids could even color the artwork with markers before or after.

Beta Project 7_JM - Lamp Shade

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Great idea! Inexpensive, fast, easy.


That’s a great idea. Simple & easy to do but very unique.


To make it really tough, make a jig so you can put them on edge, so the pictures are on the edges instead of the faces! :smiling_imp:


If you really want to keep 'em occupied for a while, engrave different patterns on each side as described then remove one stick from the middle. :innocent:


Oh, you’re evil!


Not my design, but I’ve had this in the ‘creative files’ for years!



Oh wow, that is really cool! A flickering light would make them loom ominously.


Not a bad idea for the backside of your porch pumpkin.


In case you didn’t know you should display a Teal pumpkin or a poster from here [] so the kids with allergies know to visit your house!