Design cutting instead of scoring

I am attempting to cut a file that has both cutting and scoring. The scoring is set and shows red, yet when I hit print it is cutting instead of scoring. Not sure what is going wrong. Thanks

Update, tired moment, had them backwards, all fixed now


What color is the scoring on your file? You need to change it in the side on the interface, most of my score lines usually automactically upload as cuts, so I have to change it myself. If the interface is showing it as red, it’s going to cut. A score will show up purple, like an engrave.


Kindly share a photo of your settings as well as the outcome of the project.

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Different colors is a perfect start - the GF interface doesn’t automatically know what you want to do with each one though. The default is cut - you’ll have to change the setting for the color/parts you want scored in the panel on the left.


Thank you, that is exactly what I did wrong. Still trying to learn my new machine


Honestly, it’s my most common mistake, no matter how familiar I am with the machine. Sometimes I just forget because I’m so focused on putting in the steps for the other bits, and I pass over it because it’s already got a setting.

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