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Hey guys,

Just got the pro and doing my first large cut on it. I’m uploading as a PDF because whenever I do it as an SVG it isn’t the size I created. So I upload it and it says it’s there, but I can’t see it on the work space. It’s cutting it, but I can’t see it. So placement is just a huge guessing game and just hoping it’s aligning (so far it has). I’ve uploaded as an SVG and it shows up, but it’s not the size I need and scaling it myself makes me nervous. It only shows up as a PDF when I make the design smaller.
Can anyone help me? Here’s the file. Rarity Massage (7.9 KB)Rarity Massage.pdf (12.3 KB)

What size are you trying to make this? The passthrough software is still beta, so there have been some recent reports of artwork no being visible.

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It definitely loads a different size on the PDF…what size did you want it to be?

It scales perfectly to the smaller size if you change the 30" to 15" for the width measurement in the little Ruler icon…as long as the Locked Aspect ratio is clicked.

What you need to do though, if you want to use the 30" width one is rotate the design by 90°, so that it extends off the artboard at the top, and you can see the bottom…then click the Passthrough option.

You can zoom out using the CTRL or CMD button with the middle mouse wheel to see the whole thing… (or change the Zoom at the top.)


16.2”x30”. Ohh that makes sense, ugh. That sucks lol

I want it to be 16.2”x30”. When I do do that, I can’t even see the bottom of it. None of it is visible. When I moved it to the second cut, I saw it aligned, but before and after that it was a whole lot of nothing

Oh, move it to the left a little…you’re off in the margin on the right. (Might need to move it up a bit too…stay out of the gray bars.)

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Sorry it was a quick screenshot. As I move it so it’s inside the cut area, still nothing

Hmmmm. Maybe try setting that line out to the side to Ignore.


Got me? :woman_shrugging:

Thank you for trying

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Oh, you might want to open a ticket with Customer Support…either start a new thread in the Problems and Support section, or email to Maybe they have an idea.


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