Design help needed: box lock

Hi, I am planning and designing an acrylic box to store all my nuts and bolts in different sizes and individual spaces. But I have no idea how to design a lock for the lid. Nothing complicated or fancy, just to keep the lid close if the storage case is sideways. I am strongly influenced by the fishing storage kit.

Any suggestions?

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There are many, many options, from hardware available for small boxes to two pins and a rubber band or cord. Can you provide any additional detail on what you would like to see?
I have used magnets, box hardware, over-center latches, pin and loop latches, button and cord, etc.

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I am sorry I have no firm visual. It is for an utilitarian object. I have whole lot/ selection of Chicago Screws to sort an store.

I would probably use a small hasp to keep it closed. That should be pretty easy to get and will be reliable.
I would look into pre-made boxes for beads, etc. Those will likely be more cost effective in the long run and have the hinges and latch already included.

A couple of options:

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You could take a look at the treasure chest I remixed from thingiverse for proofgrade, that hasp works pretty well, and might inspire you do come up with something.


I use that first one a lot. I thought about making trays but the cost of materials (not to mention my time) far exceeds what these cost from Amazon or Harbor Freight. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here’s some pics of what I designed. Hope it helps.


Maybe but far less fun or custom :wink:

Personally, I run into the situation of a unique physical space that does not allow me to use a cheap, off the shelf solution. So I have to decide between suffering with the world as the way it is or spending an inordinate amount of time designing a ten dollar thing. That said, there is no reason to spend any more time than necessary, especially on a utilitarian object. Find an off the shelf clasp, closure or whatever, measure it with your calipers and cut some holes in your acrylic. Then use a small bolt and nut to attach your locking mechanism.

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I know it’s tempting to build this sort of thing but I swear by this:

Stanley 014725 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer

It’s hard to beat the quality and price.

Harbor freight has a much less expensive option but it’s not quite as nice.


Does it exist in Canada? Shipping cost kills me. And can it be engrave to specify which item is where?

You’d have to hunt around.

I am not sure what the top is, but it’s a fairly hard plastic, and therefore probably not PVC. You’d want to investigate the actual material used.

Peel and stick labels can be printed and placed on there if you like…

Generally I find that being able to see the items inside makes labeling unnecessary.

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Considering it will be many of similar shape, only different in size, labelling will be necessary.

stickers and a pen go a long way here.

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Here is another idea for a latch system:

I made this box with 3mm acrylic and the lid is based on the “L edge” slide-on lid from the generator, and modified for usability.


But, but I have a laser cutter, why can’t all problems be solved with it :pouting_cat:



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