Design Help?

Designing a fraternity paddle for someone. I have the lion part down. Does anyone have recommendations on font / how to arrange things to look super nice? I like the body, but im having trouble with text and fonts and sizes etc. Going to be lasering a lot of things for this then painting.


I personally prefer the bottom design. You’ll have a much quicker production time with that one as well I believe.

One note to fix your design, I noticed that your rings need an edit in the next to last as you have an overlap.

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I agree, I prefer the second one as well. The rings on the middle bar are a bit distracting. The fonts look fine to me.

In my ignorance I had thought we moved past this in today’s culture.
Looks like beating the rookies is still a thing (sigh).


lol they are decorative

I agree with the others, I prefer the second. It isn’t so busy. Those middle rings on the first paddle make me feel as if I’m being hypnotized.:crazy_face:

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I agree the second one wins. As mentions a little editing is needed on the rings.

Here is my final!


I like it!

Yep! That’s the best one! :grinning:

I like the latest version.

For the “Kappa Sigma Epsilon”, I think an Old English font would look nice.

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Ooh any reccomendations? We are going to use a milling machine because our laser isnt big enough lol.

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If you find something that matches there logo, that would be nice.

I just found a few of these free fonts that are kinda close.

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