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Saw this post on Twitter about Colonial/Compound ascidians and thought “that would engrave beautifully!” or maybe poured resin, or inset acrylic, or, or, or…

…I might have a problem :stuck_out_tongue:


Are those alive?

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Why hello there rabbit hole. Super cool, reminds me of a coral fossil I found recently but with color and a cool pattern.


What a planet we inhabit!


Yes? I mean, they’re normally underwater so that may be a short-term condition, but my knowledge of these didn’t exist an hour ago so how long they can survive outside of their primary environment is beyond my scope :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone (on the thread) commented that humans are more closely genetically related to these than we are octopus!



I read that the animal we most closely resemble in DNA structure is the pig.
(Scary thought, but not completely out of the realm of belief.) :smile:

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I know them as “Sea Squirts”, a filter-feeder that is actually the lowest member of our Phylum. They have that distinction because in their life cycle they have a “free-swimming” period as they mature, and for that period they have a Notochord - which in a human develops into a spinal cord. They eventually settle out of the water column and colonize the surface they land on. If I remember correctly the notochord is absorbed then and they become one of the simplest creatures there is, just a notch above a sponge, and yes, they won’t last long out of the water.


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