Design problem

I’m so bummed to buy files(svg) that I’m in love with the images but there are so many ?paths and layers that I can’t get it to even look right . The designer said she didn’t know what to say. :dotted_line_face: Most designers line drawings or files work smooth and no issues…ughh …being pathetic over here over nothing important. LOL


OMFG yes. I religiously go back to stores that actually have clean designs because they are few and far between!


yep, my feelings are hurt because her designs are so nice but what a fugin nightmare


A great artist does not necessarily translate to a great designer unfortunately…


I rarely buy them and when I do there is that dred unless I’ve used that vender before. So much junk out there. I hope it was just a dollar or two.


Do you mind sharing the image you fell for? There are shops on etsy that sell free files from those websites that steal files from around the internet.

A client once sent me a file she bought because she loved the photo, but when i opened it, i had to break it to her that it was completely different. I made it to see what it really was. Then after some digging, I found both the photos that were used and the file of the actual object on one of those free sites. The seller just stole images and files and didn’t even bother to match them correctly.

I thibk she ended up reporting the shop.


Perhaps keep a database of bad actors for stolen and just trashy files. If it is a private database only shared it is not public to ger restrictions.

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I am willing to look at it and clean it up for you. If it is not to much work.


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