Design silver jewelry, and gold

What would or have someone used that comes as close as possible to a metal look for a design I have for jewelry? Also, if I decide on anodized aluminum, can it engrave AND cut? I haven’t found a straight answer to this so I am putting it out in a new question.

A 40w CO2 laser isn’t powerful enough to cut metal.


Glowforge can mark anodized aluminum - but can’t cut metal. I use a Nomad 883 or a hand saw for cutting metals for jewelry.

You can use Cermark (or other sprays) to burn in a permanent design on some metals, but copper reflects CO2 laser light back into the lens so you need to be judicious what you put in the machine.


You can’t cut metals, but there is metallic-finish acrylic, but it doesn’t really look like metal.

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I just ordered the silver mat acrylic. If it looks good for what I am doing, I will post it. Thanks

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Cuts rubber, but can only engrave rubber stamps… hmm.

I think that has more to do with how rubber stamps are made. Can you think of a way to cut out a stamp?

I mean… I set my stamp files up with a design to engrave and also a shape around the design to cut it out. If I stick the stamp material to some acrylic beforehand, the laser cuts the rubber and the acrylic backing in one go.
If I needed to make, say, a star-shaped stamp, I think I could get away with just cutting, and no engraving at all.


Yeah, exactly. You’re engraving the stamp, and cutting the rubber around it (and the acrylic) - which is what they’re listing.

and yeah, with an super simple shape you could but would you?

The materials list is all about could.

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