Design software for tablets?

I use Fusion 360 and Inkscape on my laptop for designing things for the GlowForge.

I’m going on holidays next month, and I’m only bringing an Android tablet. Does anyone have any recommendations for 2D design software for Android that creates SVGs?

I did a quick search of the forum, and did not find anything other than “Gimp Inkscape”, which seems plagued with issues.


Hmm I don’t recall anyone posting specifically about android, but there is that one web-based tool whose name escapes me. I wonder if it’d do what you need?

Maybe this one? Need something other than inkscape

Affinity Designer ?


Try something from Autodesk maybe? When I purchased my Note 5, years ago it came preloaded with a free pro version of Autodesk Sketchbook and it worked great for doing Photoshop when I wasnt near my laptop with Adobe. I havent tried any of their other Android products. (Truth be told I also haven’t fired up Fusion 360 yet on my laptop). I always looked for something to do vector work on my phone when I worked at the vinyl graphic shop, but also tried to find something free which limits the search.

I’ve used the Autodesk Sketchbook app a lot, and it’s great for Rastor graphics, but I don’t think it supports vector graphics. I’ll look and see if any of their other software is vector-based. Thanks for the suggestion.

I don’t mind paying a bit for an app that works.

I don’t know if they have anything for vector! I know the sketchbook has for Desktop but not sure if the Tablet version support vector!

I’ve been looking for a while too.
Unfortunately there are way less options for android than there is for iOS.
Affinity designer is pc and iOS only, Adobe stuff is behind a paywall so I havent explored them

Autodesk Sketchbook is free BUT not vector. I can get some great pixel based detail with it but it doesnt help when it comes do doing vector designs.

There is always the SUPER hacky option of setting up teamviewer on a PC you know will always be on and then using teamviewer on the tablet to connect remotely and use a vector app that way but god even thinking of that gives me a headache :stuck_out_tongue: That would also require you to maybe have a bluetooth keyboard around for any text entry and you’d have to be on a wifi connection.


That could work…except, I’m hoping to do this on holidays…so on the plane, near the pool, etc. Those are places with no network connections.

But it’s something to consider for home use.

Infinite Design was also one mentioned online but I have yet to try it

I have a lot of odd doodle apps that would not be hard to convert, there are also several that modify photographs to things that would engrave well,

Sketcher (free)/Sketcher Pro (paid), Inkr, and Infinite Design are some that I’ve heard good things about, although I have never owned an android device, so I can’t actually recommend anything.

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