Design workflow using OnShape: YouTube video



Hey all,

I took some time this afternoon to do a live stream of making a box start to finish with OnShape. This builds on some of the stuff from OnShape Lasercutting Workflow. I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks over the past couple of weeks and thought I’d share.

Check out the recording:

Getting started in design (newbie advice)

Great! Going to shift this to the Tips and Tricks (Tutorials) area for OnShape. :grinning:


Thank you, super helpful getting the Onshape features and tips!


Great video, I hadn’t seen the kerf or layout scrips. For anyone having trouble with the dxfs I’ve found PDF export instead of dxf is a little more reliable for me. DXF only supports circular arcs so if you have any beizer curves the dxf will be corrupt.


How did you embed this video?? Halp!