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There is a an embellished heart in the design area - one I have be getting to from the app.
When I set it and then add a png of the letters I want in it - I can’t duplicate it ( for like earrings) or just a consistent finished product exactly the same size. I have to copy and paste each of the two elements separately. I can’t get them lined up the same and sometimes the size changes because I am a novice.
Zooming in takes the item right off page and I can’t get back to it…so I move it align it and try again to get it in the area I want to print it. I don’t want to waste my materials.
What am I a missing here?

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Not exactly sure here if I’m addressing your problem correctly. Have you ‘selected all’ …so that both elements are temporarily combined when you try to copy /paste it?

I think I am…mac user - command C , Command V…it’s just picks them up one at a time. I think I posted about this before and was able to get it to work.

In the interest of being transparent…I have short term memory issues. Who am I kidding…memory issues period. Too many scars in my brain.

I write things down but I do apologize in advance that I sometimes post and then remember or find my notes.

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Command A first - or CTRL A on a pc - to select all.

But I’ve seen this too - the last object imported seems to be the one that you can easily copy/paste. I’ve given up doing anything in the GFUI except positioning my finished experiment… some day I’ll finish something :slight_smile:

I can’t pull that design from the design page into affinity…it has to be done there. They should fix that…if it’s a perk…let it be a perk with no strings.

JMO…hope I don’t get kicked out.

Hmm. Perhaps burn it on card stock, scan it in? then make an SVG of it?

I am so afraid of cardboard and fire! lol.

I have two fire putter outers ( to tired to spell today) and a smoke detector richt by the machine…
That is a good idea…
IS there a how to link for cardboard settings??

I’m still at the “stock” level.

4mm cardboard = 400 speed / 80 power.

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Feel free to ask as many questions as you need and please don’t worry or get embarrassed about it! You may already know this, but did you know you can bookmark posts so you can save them for later? (You click on the three little dots next to “reply” and it’ll show you the bookmark button. )

I think Bigjohn has a good solution but I wanted to mention how to avoid losing stuff when you zoom in.

If you zoom in and something goes out of view, select the little hand icon at the top and then click on the workspace. That will allow you to move the workspace around so you can find the missing piece again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did try the hand…so it must be my computer arrangement. I may be able to “see” in on my laptop but not on the external monitor. I had to make things a big bigger.

One big improvement that has been made in the GFUI is the ability to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. If you put the arrow to the away from where you want to see and zoom out that will be the place that will stand still then if you put the mouse at the place that you want to be the center that will be the part that stays still as you zoom in. That way you can zoom about.

If you have two mismatched designs you can delete one of them and then command-A will pick everything and copy paste. If you only want two you can pick one and then hold down shift and pick any more you want. you can also pick outside and holding the mouse button down drag out a square that touches all the ones you want, this will pick them together. Then you can copy/ paste both together.

Then when things are selected you will see 8 dots at the corners and midpoints. If you touch those the size will change if you touch the artwork that is blue it will move without changing size. If you use the arrow keys it will move without touching the mouse. In tricky cases that is what I do.

No worries about the memory thing. Mac user here, too.

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