Designs to purchase for resale

very new to this and very very new to learning how to design . Where may I purchase designs to make and resale till I learn how to make my own items ?
Thank you

Etsy is a good starting point.

Try searching for things you might want to make like “item svg”.

Earrings, for example:

Each seller should have license terms laid out, you’ll want to be sure you are buying items with a right to resale.


Thank you

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Google “laser cutting designs” and there are many sites with designs available for free or purchasing. I’ve found some on (and many designs appear on multiple sites, so sometimes hard to figure out who really is the original designer!)–but be sure to read the licenses & understand if personal use only or item made can be used for sale. It’s also a great way to learn design by seeing how those files are made so you can get familiar with using SVGs and figure out how to do it yourself…

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