Desk Caddy

I decided I needed to organize some stuff on my desk at work and designed this desk caddy to hold some items that I use on a regular basis. The bottom and top layers are Medium Cherry hardwood (unfinished) and the middle 2 layers are Thick Maple plywood (finished). After gluing and clamping it all together, I sanded it and used tung oil for the finish. I then added some dark brown felt to the bottom of the slots for the pens and stuff. As always I designed everything in Solidworks and did all my test building using cardboard.


Nice little handy thing.

i’m confused a little. You sanded finished plywood and refinished? Or just the edges or something?

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Very cool! :heart_eyes:

I guess the finished plywood did not interfere with the gluing after but the cherry on top would need it. the cherry on the bottom is a bit confusing however inless the felt did not cover it all

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The top and bottom layers were unfinished wood so they needed to be sanded. The middle two layers I sanded so the glue would work better.


Very neat idea, and excellent execution. Love the spots for the SD cards and USB sticks.

Very clever! I have to borrow the USB idea as I have over 60 (Forensic data collection) and this is much better than the baggie I use…


Well it just wasn’t finished. LOL I forgot to add some non skid material to the bottom of the desk caddy. I couldn’t find any material that I liked in the size I needed so I used this 1/16inch thick foam with a sticky back and scored a pattern in it to help it grip better.