Desk Calendar


After receiving a broken pro a couple weeks ago, our new, un-broken machine arrived just yesterday, ready to work overtime!

We designed the perpetual calendar in Illustrator with the goal of not having to GLUE anything. Used different length screw posts to keep all layers together and the legs in the back that hold it back at a slight angle. 1/8 maple + 1/4 maple :heart_eyes:


Very nice! Is that it in acrylics in the background too? :grinning:


Yup, we made that a few years ago on another laser cutter. Had to fill in the engravings with paint on the acrylic version, so more a bit more work :slight_smile:


Creative, but where are the months stored? A 2 sided engrave on a short piece?


There are 2 square .125in thick pieces that each have 3 months on the front and back


Thanks! So I was close. like how they just rotate out of view.


Creative design! Love both the acrylic and wood versions.