Desk Name Light

Update 12/28 I heard from Michael yesterday and he was floored by the gift. He said he has received many gifts from CSR’s (my work position) over the years but this one is the best, very thoughtful and well crafted. We then proceeded to email each other about Star Wars and the upcoming Star Trek for the next 45 minutes. :smiley:

My workplace counterpart in another part of the country has helped me so much in my new job and recently on a difficult issue involving employee pay. I wanted to make him something so say thanks for Christmas. We have both geeked out over Star Wars before so I made a name sign for his desk. I haven’t gotten word if he has it yet as I’ve been on vacation but i hope he enjoys it and all the attention it’ll get him.



That is awesome!!!

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Thanks! I really enjoyed making it.

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Woohoo! Sprang for the multi-color controllable LEDs!


It has 24 colors and 7 DIY settings. I did’t know what I had when I bought it at first nearly a year ago. Came in a long roll and after I did this I wondered how to make more. So I know now, but I don’t mind gifting it him, he deserves it.

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Very striking! I’m sure he was wowed!

What LED light did you buy? Do you know where I can purchase something like it?

There are literally hundreds of choices on Amazon, eBay, etc. Thousands if you go to Asian sellers like Alibaba, …