Desk Puzzle 4x3 inch Template

Hi, my first contribution… a nice desk puzzle gift. Looks really nice when the back has a contrasting color.

Here is the template (svg file):



Nicely done. Thanks for the file.

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Kind of you to share—thank you!

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Looks great … thank you for sharing your work.

Looks great! I like the small size. Thanks for the share!

Thanks! A great gift idea for the office. Appreciate the share!

Looks sharp :slight_smile: thx for sharing the file. :beers:

Love this,. Just ordered my glowforge and can not wait to get it! Puzzles is what I’m looking to make.

How can I download your template? I don’t see the link for it.


Right click the file (lines in red) above in the original post and save as an svg. Please note that Microsoft Edge doesn’t always work for this, so consider a different browser if you are an Edge user.