Desk "Smart Lamp"

Here is a prototype of my desk “smart lamp”. I am quite happy how it turned out. This was cut from 6mm (1/4") Baltic Birch that I purchased at my local plywood shop ($10 for a sheet of 5x5). After cutting the wood, I spray painted it with some Metallic Copper that I had left over from another project… I really like how it turned out.

Now I am planning to make a few more for Christmas gifts for parents. I found a nice deal on some Teak plywood at my local plywood shop, and may try to make one with a natural wood finish. To diffuse the light, I 3d printed a white baffle (1mm thick, about 285mm tall).

Total cost to make this is a little under $30- roughly $3 for the wood (used 4 12x20 sheets), $10 for the electrical hardware (ceramic socket, mounting hardware, cord), $10 for the smart bulb, and maybe $4 for paint. I used a negligible amount of glue to hold the base together and the vertical slats.


Oh, very nice! How tall is it? We need a banana for scale.


Well, no banana available, but here’s a roll of TP (seems appropriate…) It’s about 1ft tall by 8" round. :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool. I could see several of these in the man cave/bar.


Yeah, I think these are definitely functional as an ambient type of lighting, but I could also see them being used in a bedroom or maybe a family room/den as an accent piece for a reading light. I am going to try another baffle (a clear filament) and see how that works also, I think the light will be brighter.

If you’ve got a theatrical supply house near you, you might look into diffusion gels - it’d be a lot faster than 3D printing something a foot tall!


Interesting- not sure about it being much faster, especially since it’s a perfect fit! Only took about 1 1/2 hour of printing! :slight_smile: (I’ve been in the 3d printing hobby a bit longer than the lasers… so I know a few tricks). 1mm layer width, .3 layer height, single wall vase mode.

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That’s shockingly fast for something that large - but my experience has only been tiny “home” printers where you’re looking at 6 hours for something an inch tall :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes for sure! Normally it takes a ton longer to print, especially for detailed prints. That is why I like making things on the Glowforge… normally it’s so much faster!! (except for heavy HD engraves).

Here are a few close ups of the 3d printed baffle. You can see the thicker lines but it’s only one actual “shell” or perimeter. The vase mode basically just goes around in a circle the entire way up non stop, which is why it’s so much faster- not a single retraction. I also had to disable minimum layer time as the cooling isn’t a problem on this model. This is printed with a PETG filament so it can also survive a drop.


Really nice! Love the you printed your own baffle.


After doing the prototype in Baltic Birch I made a Teak plywood version! I think the natural wood grain and coloring of the wood is awesome and it really pops. The picture really doesn’t do it justice!
It was a bit more challenging with the teak. It is a very oily wood to work with (the soot).


Such a neat design. I just recently started 3D printing. Yep, I can imagine how long it took to print the center.

I just love the slight curve of the sides. It just gives the lamp that extra bit that makes it interesting and a bit dreamy. :slight_smile: