Desktop 13 Piece Drill Index

I made this drill index to hold 13 drill bits that I use at my electronics repair desk. They come in handy for small things and the hex shank bits fit in my Milwaukee electric screwdriver. The drill bits come in a small set of 13 from Harbor Freight Tools but don’t include anything to store the bits. I used a paint pen from Markal to color in the engraved bit sizes. The black acrylic looks great with the white markings. I used thick Cyanoacrylate adhesive with an accelerator to assemble the parts. You can also use Acrylic adhesive. The SKU of the Harbor Freight drill bits is: Item 1800.

Desktop Drill Index.pdf (68.9 KB)


Practical and neat design at the same time! Thanks for the share!


There is something so satisfying about seeing things lined up by size and well identified. Thank you for this practical file.

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Very nice. i think i have those!

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Very nice! I really like the white against the black. Your clear holder behind it looks cool too!

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I like it. What is that shiny ring around the bits? Reflection?

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yes, it’s a reflection. I saw that too.


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It’s always a joy to have something organized! Thank you for sharing your work.