Desktop case for headphone amp

Picked up the DIY version of the JDS Objective2 headphone amp. After a long weekend of soldering I started working on case ideas, and came up with this.


The coolest part, in my opinion, is the magnetic enclosure, allowing for easy battery changes and faceplate replacement.



With the satisfying “snik” of the magnets, the whole thing is locked together, the faceplate is held snugly, no wiggles or rattles.

I think I might go with a black faceplate, not sure yet. And the volume knob has to go, will probably just buy one. Haven’t decided yet whether to stain the sides, I might end up ruining the whole thing. :wink:

Bonus points to whoever first points out my mistake in case assembly. Negative points to whoever points out another mistake that I hadn’t noticed.

If you want to build one via the DIY route, you’ll absolutely, positively, definitely, no joke, want to refer to the creator’s page, especially the construction and testing sections.


Like the magnet idea! (Can’t find the points earning mistake! Must not be a biggie.) :smile:

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That jack on the left looks a little suspect… but it’s no less inspiring for it! Love it!

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Classy idea and a lush result!

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Looks great!

Errr, no ventilation holes?

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I’ve just bought a pair of Summit Wireless earphones, and it had 4 magnets in the cardboard packaging to hold the front closed.
I kid you not.


I too like the magnets.

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Wow! Very cool. This is the kind of stuff I really want to make with GF. Good job :wink:

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