Desktop creations gone

My Dashboard icons with all my creations have all disappeared… What happened. ??? Please help me.

Try logging out and back in again. And possibly try logging into the app on a different browser if possible.

OK i will give it a try… Thanks

I rebooted PC… restarted Glowforge… Still No Luck… !!! i even logged in with a different browser…

Is it possible you have two different Glowforges (like maybe you returned one at one time), and what you are looking at is the dashboard of the wrong one? If so, go to the upper right corner of the dashboard window and switch to the other one.

No this is the only one I have ever owned… but thanks for the input…

Sounds like you need to submit a support ticket, either by sending an email to or by creating a new post in the Problems and Support category. I wouldn’t worry too much, seems like this has happened before and the outcome was good.

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