Desktop Organizer


I created a desktop organizer in Illustrator and engineered it myself. I’m sharing here! I didn’t include the tropical pattern as I bought the graphic and don’t have license to do so.

This is my final product, with Monogram and Tropical Print:

Here is the file to play with! ENJOY! :smiley_cat: (2.2 KB)

A Tropical Desk Organizer for my Sister's Birthday

Very nice of you to share it! Thanks! :grinning:


Nice! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much! I think it will be very useful.


Thanks so much for sharing the file! I was admiring your design and trying to figure out how to make one of my own that looked similar. . . now I can! : )


Thank you for your generosity.


You’re welcome, tag me in your creations so I can see what you did! :slight_smile:


Thank you so very much! It’s a lovely design, and really appreciated.


Great design! Thank you for sharing it :slight_smile:


This looks really great! Thank you…that’s something that I alway need more of…organization.


Neat! Hard to tell on my phone… is this made with/designed for medium proofgrade?


nice where did you buy the graphic from


Yes. Medium Maple Proofgrade.


Here is the link on ShutterStock


Beautiful! The monogram is a classy touch. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for sharing I love your design and style :heart_eyes: