Detailed dimensions of Glowforge?

I’m making a custom table in advance of my Glowforge’s arrival and I would like more detail on its dimensions. My plan is to put silicon pads with raised edges on the top for each of the Glowforge’s legs to keep it in place even if it is bumped. I don’t want it falling off the table.

For reference, here’s what the web site says:

Glowforge Basic & Pro:
38" x 20.75" x 8.25" (965mm x 527mm x 210mm)
55 lbs (25 kg)

Glowforge Air Filter:
38" x 20.75" x 7" (965mm x 527mm x 178mm)
25 lbs (11 kg)

From looking at the pictures, I would guess that there are four round legs, maybe 1.5" in diameter and maybe 1/4" tall. But this is just a guess. What does the bottom of the Glowforge look like? Is it flat or does it have short legs to raise it off the surface? If so, how many are there, how big are they, and what are their precise positions?

Also, what are the dimensions of the bottom of the Glowforge. I’m assuming that the dimensions above are maximum dimensions, which look to be the top from the photos.

Finally, how tall is the Glowforge + Air Filter? From the pictures, it looks like the combined height of the Glowforge + filter is shorter than the implied height of 15.25" (the pictures make it look much shorter). I am planning my table height based on a total height of around 15". If the height is much shorter, I might adjust my plans.

On a related note … how much of a pain is it going to be to pick up our Glowforges and put the air filters underneath them?

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Wide feet/pads, not small discreet feet. Much more stable.


On a side note, after about 5 months sitting on the clear finish BB, I had to move the machine to get access to the exhaust port to clean it and found the two black rubber strips that cushion and prevent slipping had left corresponding green stripes where they contacted the surface. They are permanent.

For a dedicated surface like mine that isn’t a problem, but be aware of the potential if you use a table that might be re-tasked.

@jason.fuller0, I notice from the pic there are a few sections on both rubber strips that appear to be loose.


@jason.fuller0: Thank you. That picture is very helpful and I’m going to adjust my plans as a result. Originally, I thought I would put one cup under each leg. I’ve done this in other cases to keep something from moving (when bumped, in an earthquake, etc.)

Now, I’m planning buy two silicone rings (or disks that I can turn into rings), cut them in half so I have four semicircles, then position them at the ends of the two feet, rather than underneath them. While I probably can’t fix them down until I have the unit, I can buy them in advance if I know the width/diameter of the strips as well as the height/clearance. If anyone could measure, I would really appreciate it.

If I can’t find silicone rings, I may cut plastic pieces instead after my Glowforge arrives, but they will be more of a pain to install once the Glowforge is on the table.

@PrintToLaser: Good to know. In my case, I’m making a dedicated table and plan to make another one in the future for my eventual 3D printer. They are both designed from mostly IKEA parts and it wouldn’t be impossible to replace the top someday if necessary.

For others reading, I hope to post pictures of my assembly as a guide for others (even though the basic idea is borrowed from somebody else).

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