Dice chest


One of the ladies at work requested a dice chest for her husband. It was fun researching and designing this project. I had a bit of an issue with the finish drying really really slowly but overall quite happy with it. It’s made up of multiple layers of 1/4” and 1/8” Wenge and Padauk. It also has hidden 1/4” neodymium rod magnets in the base and lid to help keep it closed.


Beautiful! I love the different colors of wood. Very nicely designed!


What a beautiful project! Nice work!


Wow. I never thought of putting wenge and padauk together. Beautiful.




Nice piece of woodwork. :sunglasses: The engraving is like a signature. A touch of quality.


When you mentioned in my Catan thread that you were working on a dice chest using padauk, I thought you meant a dice tower. This is even nicer! Great job! I also love wenge but couldn’t find a way to work that into my Catan board. :wink:


Absolutely amazing. Love this.


Another one I would love to see in the catalog! My “future son-in-law” would go crazy for this.


Thanks. For my 2nd and 3rd Catan boards I ended up using the Wenge for wood and the Walnut for Ore. My Walnut was quite gray, it turned out really well switching those two. No more Catan boards for a while. One of them goes into the office xmas charity fundraiser today so I’m hoping it does well, but not so well that I have everyone asking for a board.


Truly a beautiful piece!


That will be very impressive for him and his friends.


Gorgeous! I love all the details👏


What a perfect geek gift!
There is money in that… especially if you make it a combined dice storage/ dice rolling tower


Wow, that’s beautiful! I love the hidden magnet idea.


By all of the Gods of Gaming and Dice, YES!!! This is an amazing project!


That is awesome! Beautiful work.


That is really awesome!! I’d love to make that for my son!


What kind of adhesive did you use? I’m a newbie waiting for my pro and trying to get as much knowledge as possible. Beautiful work by the way!


Thanks. I used a medium thick cyanoacrylate (crazy) glue. One layer at a time, the rod magnets helped keep the layers lined up. Even still you end up being off a very small fraction of an inch, I just sanded flush which also removes the burn so you can see the wood color.