Dice coffin from the Catalog!

So I decided to make the Dice box from the design catalog. It came out better then I thought but I am going to end up modifying as much as I can due to some issues I identified in the build process.

First thing I relized is that I’m gonna need to make a alignment jig if I’m gonna be making a lot of these, aligning and clamping each layer at a time took a lot of extra time.

Metal dice are slightly larger then regular dice sets, this causes the lids to ether be lose or not connect altogether. Another issue I found was that the leather layer didn’t want to allow the magnetic connection even with my thinnest leather and strongest magnets.

Even using my best possible method to straighten, the layers didn’t want to fully line up, even when using the tips included with the file it ended up not fully lining up. I ended up getting it as close as can be and Sanding the rest of the way.

The magnet holes are really large, wishing I could change that sizing so I can use different magnet’s.

Started coloring the box with Oil based paint pens, mainly for the black around the sides and back
It sealed really nicely, I used acrylic paint for the coloring of the skull eyes and letters. I used a silver for the dice outline.

Over all it went better then expected and I’ll be making some tweaks to make it better moving forward. I probably will make some of these for my Halloween D&D session :smiley:


I like brass pins for my layered boxes:

You can see the pins in the lid, I think they look sharp.


I don’t have that particular design but with Premium’s Early Access you can select the design, click Ctl (or Cmd) -Shift-G and it’ll ungroup the elements, and then you can resize just the magnet holes.


I will definitely have to check and see if that is a thing I can do!


Very nice!


An excellent place to make your pins! If your magnets are half the diameter and you have “pins” with half the diameter on the inside and the given diameter outside then you have the top of the pin with a magnet :grin:


You may be able too. If you ungroup the you can move the elements or delete, and add. I did that on the stamp mailbox. So you should be able to change the magnet holes.