Dice Reliquaries

I had this idea for a slotted tripod stand design out of the blue and, ended up working through the details and making it while I was trying to get up to speed for working on other projects.

These are from Proofgrade walnut and cherry plywood. I used metallic sharpies on the cut edges (copper on the walnut and silver on the cherry) before removing the masking. Friction fit.

I painted my Draftboard prototype with Black 3.0, just to try it out:

(Bonus laser content: laser pointers + translucent polyhedra make for cool effects in photos.)

I am still having fun making little project videos. So, here’s <4 minutes with the design process, beauty shots and, my drumming:

More photos in the Slotted Dice Reliquary blog post.


Clever. As someone with a sizeable dice collection this is pretty cool.


Those are beautiful! Love the Celtic vibe. And another possible use is as a stand for decorated eggs. I have a sizable collection of decorated eggs (mostly made by me a few years ago) and stands for them were expensive and not necessarily beautiful.


Thanks for the video (nice drumming). It really helps me understand the steps you took to design these.


You had me at slotted tripod,


These are very classy!


I don’t know what a reliquary is… but that’s fancy schmancy and I like it. :smiley:


A shrine for holy relics.


Really lovely design. And the video was wonderful too; short and to the point, but with enough details that someone could replicate the slotted design.


Wow! I might need to get some dice.


People are making some pretty cool ones these days (I’m seeing them mostly on Instagram). It also seems to be something within fairly easy reach for hobbyists, at least for resin casting … which is unfortunate because it makes it really tempting. There are customizable open designs that one can 3D print on a resin printer, use to make silicone molds and, cast with sufficiently durable resins (with coloring, inclusions, etc.). You can also buy inexpensive molds ready-to-go, too.

It’s also tempting to experiment with machining them from hardwoods on my desktop CNC.

I’m sure that hole is not months deep …


You can get some rather interesting dice. I have a set of petrified wood dice that are REALLY nice. But it was also 50 or 60 dollars for the set as well.


Yep! That’s almost tame compared to some of it. I got the crocodile jasper set (d12 shown in the photo) at a steep discount but, regular price is $80 USD.

This gentleman, Labros Papageorgiou, designs some really amazing sculptural dice that he gets 3D printed in metal. Some of his sets are approaching $200 USD.


That is awesome! Beautiful work.

Thank you for sharing and documenting the process so well in your video. So satisfying when the final pieces slots in!

The metallic sharpie is a really nice effect. Do you need to be careful when handling the edges so it doesn’t smudge, etc or does it dry on permanently?


I didn’t notice any smudging from casual handling. After you mentioned it, I tested and, if I rub the edge hard enough, I can get it to transfer a little. I’ll try spraying with a fixative. It occurs to me that I could probably also just spray paint the edges while the masking is still on.


Wow, nice job! They’re quite beautiful.

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I have a few reliquaries. The most precious is a piece of the clothing from Saint Aloyius. He was a young ,man who was pf the most connected families in Western Europe. Think of a Kennedy or a Wall family. He chose to devote his life to the sick and suffering. He doied helping the sick people from a plague in Rome.

My Grandfather’s name Was Alyois. His son was an RC priest who was a priest in the 50s and 60s… I do pray that I can continue in some way the grace they demonstrated.