Dice Tower, there are many like it, but this one is mine


I wanted a dice tower and after looking at the myriad of style, couldn’t find any free patterns for what I wanted which was compact, one piece, and folding. So upside more practice in illustrator! So after test runs in cardboard then draftboard, a couple Chicago screws from the neighborhood Lowes, and a final run :proofgrade: Maple. Complete with warning to try and throw your opponent across the board off their game.


Very nice! (Is that your first 3D file in Illustrator, or have you been doing them for a while?) :grinning:


Most impressive! It’s always nice to see a new design for something that there are other designs available for. (I think I messed up that sentence. Looks strange.)


My first folding and fitting item, i’m still learning the whole drawing and grouping lines/paths as it’s so night and day different from working in Photoshop. Also the brain numbing process of taking a really low res image (the city watch badge) cleaning it up in PS, moving it AI, tracing and then cleaning it up all over again.


Well, looks like you’re catching on quickly! (Watch it…it’s addictive.) :wink:


Looks like you got to do a lot of practice in Illustrator. Great job making this your own!