Did Someone Mention Thin Parts in a Design? Work in Progress

It has already taken me six tries to get to this point and the trickiest is ahead but this is the start of the next (I hope) round lamp design. The heavier circles are supposed to help even out the pressures. I have already found that irregular patterns will break at their weakest point, and the less wood the more fragile, but when there are fewer holes there is less light that gets through. As mentioned this might still be too fine to bend properly, but I liked the design so much I thought I would share the excitement…



Very cool.
Looking forward seeing the end result.


what material are you using? it seems like a thicker veneer would work really well if you want to be able to bend it as a light shade.


This is 1/8" basswood ATM I tried thinner basswood and while it bent easier it was a lot more fragile. The general concept is this Another lamp design I have some 1/16 oak (and others) that is 12" wide but have not started in on it as yet as I am still working through the basswood.

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Can’t wait to see the outcome!

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Beautiful! :grinning:

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Wow, gorgeous!

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