Did someone say basket weave?


I wanted to share this because of its pertinence. It seems it took this guy quite a bit longer on his epilog than it took @marmak3261 to get his working on the glowforge. Made me smile


Thanks. After years of perfecting? @marmak3261 did better than that. - Rich


That’s pretty nice. Now that I understand gradient meshes, I believe I can do this. It’s definitely a challenge to get the gradients correct around Celtic knot work, but since the elements are tiled, just get a few done and then clone and tile the rest.


While this is good work, it’s still not as nice as what @marmak3261 has already produced on the GF.


Well whataya expect from Steve Martin. He’s a comedic actor for goodness sake, not a true laser expert. :wink:




I’m really looking forward to seeing what you manage to produce! Should be pretty interesting!