"Did you get your Glowforge email yet?" "No....wait, lemme check...YES!"


That’s usually the first question my dad asks me each morning. He just asked again, and although I assured him it must be getting close, I hadn’t heard anything yet.

But then I thought I’d check just one more time…YAY!!!

No matter what I tried, it kept messing up my shipping address so I sent an email off to support. @Rita, I don’t want anything to delay my baby getting here! :slight_smile:

Now desperately thinking of a name! Biblioforge? LibraryForge? LokiForge? So may options!



(Cough cough) Dad, what do you want to make today?!!! :smirk:


I just added him as a user on my account. :smile:


Congratulations! It seems like emails are really starting to roll out faster…


Intelliforge? Knowforge? Bob?


How about Beaming Rainbow (in honor of Reading Rainbow) :rainbow:


Awesome-sauce! :sparkles::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::boom:


Ahhhh! Congratulations! So excited for you. Can’t wait to see what you make.


Yay!! Always exciting to hear about another email recipient! :tada::tada:


Yay, so excited for you! :slight_smile:

I like “Biblioforge”.


Oh c’mon, the name should be totally obvious to a librarian: Overdue!


I am thrilled for you
So exciting to have a neighbor getting one.
More rolling is more awesome
Keep them coming


That’s great! Your whole family will have so much fun.


Shipments look like they are really picking up steam now!!!
I am within 13 hours now of my order!!!

I cant wait!


What about Sshhussh Forge. :sunglasses:


Or just plain Sshhhhh!


Yay, so happy for you!


And if it’s not too bold, first print after the Founder’s Ruler should be the plaque with the immortal opening of Edward Bulwer-Lytton’ novel Paul Clifford

“It was a dark and stormy night”

That would look wonderful in your library… trust me :wink:

`(if it makes you feel better, I’m going to read that book now :slight_smile: )



After Johann Fust.


Ha! I can’t see that without thinking of Snoopy typing it on top of his doghouse.

And thanks for the name suggestions, everyone. There have been some real gems! Overdue made me laugh out loud. :grin: