"Die Cut" labels for honey jars

We brought back some bottles of honey sold by Mayan villagers in the Yucatan. They sell it on the roadside in unlabeled 1 liter plastic bottles. I wanted to make the honey more presentable for gifts, so I made up a label for inkjet printing on 8.5x11 sticker paper. After printing, I sprayed with Krylon Preserve It to make the labels waterproof. Then I set the sheets in the laser cutter, fooled around (a lot) to get the alignment right, and then cut out the honeycomb pattern on the front and the general sticker shape.

Worked very well, though I have a lot to learn about how to (quickly) align printed works exactly with the laser.


They look great… I wanna taste!

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(See what I did there? :grinning:)


What an awesome idea! Your labels look great!

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Wonderful labels! They look so professional.


They turned out great with the honeycomb cutout. :grinning:

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As always, all I can say is… Honey, you look great.


Those turned out fantastic!!

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Definitely a professional product! Well done!

Great idea!

for beekeepers I have understanding :slight_smile:
Nice labels canton

I’m digging the honeycomb cut-outs. Hope the honey tastes as good as these labels look!

Really nice job! And my mouth is watering!