Different websites to buy acrylic?

I’ve been trying to find other websites that carry laserable acrylic that have masking om both sides? Anyone know which websites I could order it from?:smile:

Not sure how shipping costs work out, since I shop locally in person, but have been pleased with selection and service at DelviesPlastics.com. Have also shopped a couple times from Inventables.com for some specialty acrylics Delvies doesn’t carry, though my service has had some hit and miss moments with them.

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Search for acrylic source.

Like so:


This goes for any other type of material, chances are, it’s been discussed. “leather source” “plywood source” “hardwood source” etc etc


Yes, lots of discussion here about acrylic and where to get it and the search will give you lots of resources. (Tap Plastic, Estreet, Canal plastics, Inventables, Etsy…) It’s also worth checking your local area as many towns have plastic/acrylic stores that sell scraps for cheap. I also wanted to mention that all acrylic is very similar in chemical makeup and is laserable. Just didn’t want to you to think it took something special. :slight_smile:

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Also, you can just buy masking and DIY if you need it. You may not, depending on what you’re doing. Search for masking… I’m on my iPad so it’s a pain to hunt down links.

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Awesome! Thanks!

I’ve checked local places and no luck :frowning: months of searching !

Thank you!

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