Diffraction grating film (rainbows in plastic)

Hi all,

I’ve got this roll of diffraction grating film. It’s the same material that when you look though it a halo of rainbows appears around any light source. I’m just wondering if anyone has had any experience cutting this stuff on their Glowforge. I really don’t want to damage the laser by cutting the wrong type of plastic.


Casey Curran

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You probably need to check with the manufacturer and/or look for a materials safety data sheet (MSDS) for the specific material you want to cut. The usual concern with plastics is that the combustion products will include chlorine compounds. That is, they often produce hydrochloric acid vapor when burned (like by a laser).

Note that someone else’s experience with a safe diffraction film would not necessarily mean what you have is safe.


diffraction grating stuff, if its sticky backed, is based on PVC, and not safe for the laser, @evermorian gave the best answer, check to see what’s its made of.