Digi-Bantha Skull

Just a quick note to share a little something in order to give back to the community that inspires so well.

The Digi-Bantha Skull file is my interpretation of a “Star Warsy” Bantha Skull symbol, meaning that it’s a little more consistent with the original trilogy’s esthetic (to my eye anyway :wink:).

I designed the graphic for a close friend who happens to be a responsible gun collector, because he wanted Bantha Skull images lasered onto his FAL magazines.

Please find the different file versions for your use as you see fit :smiley:

Bantha Bantha_Digi_Skull.pdf (60.6 KB)


It’s such a recognizable insignia - I’ve engraved it many a time :smiley:

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That’s awesome! I love marked mags and accessories.
I am curious why you left the grey around the tally marks?

thanks for the design just tried it on a pmag used the black acrylic setting


Awesome, thanks for sharing! I especially like how the second one looks weathered!

P.s.- Just in case you run across any “hard-core” fans of Mandolorians, that is actually a mythosaur skull. The bantha skull reference is a common mistake, though. Only say it out loud to people if you want “star wars super-nerd” status. :stuck_out_tongue:


The grey around the tally marks looked good in design, turned out terrible. I’d delete them in future :wink:

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Awesome! I will tuck that fact away and save it for a special occasion :smiley:


Yeah, I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to get multi layer designs to look good for most of materials I’ve tried. Most of the time I run all my graphics through the threshold command in gimp, which forces everything to be fully binary.

In this case I think it would look at least interesting if you did the 3D/vary power engrave because then the black part would be deeper than the grey, but that only really works in something you can go deeply into - no so much on a magazine.

Just so you know, that’s a mythosaur skull, not a bantha.

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Yeah, that was covered 18 days ago, above…

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