Digital printed materials from Ponoko



Got this in an e-mail. Thought the group would be interested.


If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Sorry, couldn’t resist. Cool material.)


I was going to type that! :blush:


Wow…what an original idea…:neutral_face:

I’m sure I wasn’t the first either…lmao


Thought that looked familiar! Chuckle! :grinning:

You know, we can also make our own, very easily, with spray adhesive and wrapping paper.
(Just sayin!)


I haven’t checked on the price yet. But the part about not being able to glue it without epoxy. I’ll wait for some patterns I like better.


Well thats not very useful…:unamused:


To be fair, I think they say you get better results and may have problems with other glues. But we kinda know what that means.


It’s probably the coating they use…mdf doesnt like to hold coatings because of its smooth surface I guess…I tend to rough it up a bit if I need to join larger pieces together…
I dont use alot of mdf as I prefer the Baltic birch ability to take a stain.


I’ve seen this video floating around. MDF would probably not hold up well to the amount of water used in the process.


Or it’s modern equivalent.


There is water resistant MDF. But nevertheless…


Yep this is what I was thinking of, and for the price point this is probably what I’ll do.