Dimensional Cacti & Birds & Stuffs


Hi All!

Been a little while since I posted, thought I’d share the beginnings of a new series.
A couple years ago now I made a batch of dimensional paper wall sculptures for a gallery show here in Dallas, essentially prototypes for what I planned to eventually build in layered wood, care of TheSouthernOracle (my Pro). Exciting to finally see it happening!

While I’m gathering materials for my first tent setup at local art festivals, these are the start of a bigger Western series that will complement my 3D posters with red/blue glasses ( www.oldschool3d.com )… so two kind of dimensional work.

All built from layered 1/8" baltic birch, with custom wood hanging spacers that extend them to float off the wall 1/2" or so. The vulture is 28" wide, which required some jigsaw puzzle style cuts behind the body to connect and build out. From the wall spacer out to the head, there are a whopping 16 layers of birch, making it 2" thick all in all. So far I haven’t used the passthrough slot except to cut down my larger sheets of birch, but soon I’ll fiddle with some of the tactics you fine folks have shared in the forum for doing longer pieces.


Kewl cacti! :grinning:
(And birds, but that wasn’t as harmonic.)


I love these. Do you have any shots from the side that show all the layering?


Beautiful work! Looks like lasering agreees with you quite well! :heart_eyes:


These are seriously some of the coolest projects in this forum (in my opinion)! You’re a very talented artist, my friend. Hard to believe these were only done with baltic birch with the varying color you got between the cacti and the birds - but nonetheless believable by varying power used. A side profile photo would be great to see to better understand the depth of your work :grinning:


Gosh, these are fantastic! I’m sure your series will be very successful.


Really digging the layering technique projects that are being done…


Very impressive!


Very interesting art.


Thank you! Ask and you shall receive!


Thanks so much! I’m actually sticking to a single engraving power within the individual pieces. Some of the variation you’re seeing is likely the cut edges and shadows from the layers. Part of the challenge has been deciding whether to engrave the outlines that would have been in the original drawing, vs cutting right to the edge for a clean, un-burned contour.

The raven, for example, has mostly clean edges around it as a highlight… whereas the prickly pear is engraved around the edges and also has lighter shading as it was engraved a little weaker than the birds.


Woah, those are big! I didn’t pick up on the size until the second set of pics (although I guess the bricks in the background of the cactus should have been a giveaway)


These are outstanding!


This is awesome! You need to write a tutorial or something because I’d love to be able to make 2.5-D sculptures! Thanks for sharing.