Dimensional wall sign with enclosed LED edge lighting

A few years back we had a client request a new sign that would serve double duty on their tradeshow booth, as well as the in the entrance foyer at their office. As a high end machine shop, they requested a copy of their logo that would be clean and visible in both locations.

Our idea was a multi-layer sign featuring a powder coated aluminum base, with a laser cut acrylic box that encompassed LED strips for edge and back lighting. Everything was powered using a WiFi compatible LED controller for Android/iPhone control allowing them to program the light show based on the current need.

The process included the water jetting, welding of mounting system, and powder coating for the aluminum back plate. Laser cutting of the back and front panels for the acrylic box, as well as internal walls that would form the shape of the mounted LED box.

The entire box was mounted to the back-plate with stainless hardware and standoffs, and featured internal hardware and captured nuts so all hardware is hidden, yet can be removed at a later date if need be.

Here are some pictures of the process, including the final project.


Nice work you do there. How deep are the clear/frosted acrylic walls? Do you think you would have been able to pull it off using a glowforge, or was it too deep?


Nice. My son does some work with neon in that same vein. I’m working on something similar but using el-wire for a production of Joseph & the Technicolor Dreamcoat. I love the glow effect you were able to achieve.

The clear walls were .75", and the top and bottom plates were .125".

I can’t really speak for the glowforge, but the obvious issue would be the overall scale. It is our hope, however, that we would be able to pull of something similar on a smaller scale with the glowforge.

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Cool sign, I have seen similar but not as cool looking.

I’d think a Glowforge could do similar - same basic 4 layers, but different materials - perhaps colored translucent/transparent Acrylic, corian, and/or delrin at various layers? I have not seen large sheets of delrin or suggested Acrylic, but I’m sure it’s out there. Could do things upto 22 inches x whatever with PRO.

Makes me think I want to see how the Glowforge would cut a 1/2" sheet of acrylic by flipping. I know that it is possible but seeing how different materials work within the focal length and depth of the bed would be a nice show.

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Very cool design work @AnchorMark! I expect you’ll take a different approach but be able to do some pretty impressive stuff of similar scale if you build up from smaller pieces.

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Thanks @dan. Part of the fun of any project for us is figuring how to achieve the end goal with the tools/materials at hand. I would expect the process to be different with the Glowforge, but it might also open some doors or force us to try a new approach. A lot of the time, this comes with a very pleasant surprise.

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