Dino dig panel

My boy LOVES dinosaurs. I made this for him - pretty big (almost 6’ x 6’). It is supposed to resemble what a fossil dig is like as they brush away the surface. The bones were all made on a laser cutter then Hand sanded for contours and painted.

And here is a close up of the skull

And some cool letters we cut out


Best dad evar! Wow. How??? Can’t …withstand …your…super…powers.



Insane. Also it just looks great. Original idea or found?

I can’t wait to do something like this for my girls…well, not like dinosaurs, probably more fish or coral reefish.



It is an original idea. I first explored buying one but quickly realized that spending several thousand dollars on a replica was a tad silly (up to $6K for a nice one). So I searched for ‘articulated dinosaur fossil’ and started playing. I created a vector image of a good dinosaur and cut out many, many, many pieces at my local Makerspace. Everything is 1/4" MDF. Each bone is at least 2 layers thick and the skull/pelvis is 5 - 6 layers. Then many, many hours with 6x48 belt sander and dremel tool. Base coat of paint, then shading. The ‘ground’ is 1/2 plywood, covered in styrofoam and then I went crazy on it with a hand held belt sander to make contours - then lots of painting. Someday my kid will outgrow dinosaurs (maybe not, since he was 4 he said he wants to be a ‘Palentogolist’ (note the mis-spelling)). If he DOES outgrow them - going to have to donate this to a school or something!

The dino letters are cut out of 1/4" MDF and then hand painted by my VERY talented mother (I am happily fortunate enough to get about 1/10th of her talent). I am actually going to cut out letters for her and she is going to put them on Etcy (lots of different kinds, not just dino).

Anyone interested in the svg files of the dinosaur panel just private message me - I would be happy to send them to you. But they would need to be re-done to fit the glowforge bed since the laser I cut them on was 20x17


This is such a fabulous project. I’m massively impressed. You have one lucky kid!

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You won’t have to find a school to donate that to. Eventually it’ll be hanging in your son’s office at the Smithsonian. Fantastic job!


Amazing job! What a cool dad and a lucky kid! It’s fantastic to be able to do something like this to support what he loves. Well done!

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That is amazing my boys wood love it! Great job and I’m sure your son will love it for years!

Did you consider ‘burying’ it in the back yard and accidentally ‘discover’ it together for the complete effect? :smiley:


This is stunningly awesome!

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I did not! But wish I did now! :smile:

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Holy Jesus, that is so cool!!!

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Dude, I think you got a little more that 1/10th! This is amazing! I was a big dino head as a kid and I would’ve loved something like this.

Thanks for the kind words! my boy really loves it. He shows it off to everyone!

It is also super cool the way you have that front tooth raised away from the “ground” material!

When he grows up, you can sell it to me - I’m a dinosaur nut too, and it would look really great in my dining room.

Just sayin’… :grin:

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So very cool- truly inspired! Thanks for sharing!