Dip Bowl w/Bamboo Engraved Lid

Made my first item with the GF that I actually feel “okay” posting to show it off! Lol!

It’s not perfect by any means, but I think it will pass for my friend’s birthday gift…but need opinions first! I used the bamboo settings that @designhv posted. Thank you for that! :grinning:

Only issue I had was with the “credits” portion, probably because it was such a tiny font size, did not engrave as well as the rest did.

So, I pulled out this “Patina” paint that I had on hand and used it to paint into the etching on that portion. It worked perfectly! I dabbed it on with a tiny paint brush to get in the grooves, let it dry and then wiped it with a paper shop towel dampened with rubbing alcohol.

What I need is your opinion on whether I should fill in the rest of the design with the “Patina” paint? The paint is black. The rest of the engraving is dark brown. I noticed the difference in color right away. Ugh!

Wish I would’ve had brown “Patina” paint on hand! What are your thoughts?


My personal opinion is to leave it as is with just the credits black.


Thanks. That’s what I was thinking, only because I don’t really want the rest of the engraving black, but the difference is driving me crazy.


Cute idea!


I love the paint it makes the letting stand out!!! This is a great project.

Welcome to the community.

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Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could use the Patina paint without ruining the wood!

I had a messed up piece of bamboo that I tried the paint on and also tried Rub ‘n Buff that I used a toothbrush to rub into the grooves but it settled into the grain and couldn’t get it off. But the alcohol took the patina paint right off, leaving the paint in the engraved area! This is the practice piece. The top lettering is the patina paint and bottom is the Rub ‘n Buff.


I think I like the paint better. More contrast


I would paint it all. I like the contrast of the black against the bamboo.

Well done.


Thank you! :blush: I know it’s pretty lame compared to the mind blowing things you all post here…BUT, it’s a start, and I’m excited to continue learning. I’m so grateful to have this community! I truly appreciate your input and invaluable information you constantly share here!