Direct replacements for the Glowforge

For anyone more versed in the lasercutting world beyond the Glowforge, please list any companies and products you’d feel are more reliable and comparable. It’s been touted already in a previous thread I made that it’s folly to have reliance on the Glowforge as someone trying to pump out mass production and run a small business with this, and evidence of that is growing with every failed attempt at running this recent print that worked just fine a week or two ago and now has taken about an hour of my time to no avail. This is beyond infuriating after sinking $800 into this for repairs.

I hear Epilogs are the way to go.

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Me too, Epilogs …

I’ll third Epilog. There are several others as well.
I love my glowy but I use it for personal use and some small runs.

I guess it just depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

We have a Universal at work that I love. But it’s definitely a lot more expensive (and a lot bigger) than the GF.

In what way?

I would say very few have the ease of the Glowforge - as in, you’ll be running a print within 20-30 minutes of arrival.

The Muse, or the Dremel version of it might be pretty close. I’ve heard horror stories about FSL service and support; I’d imagine Dremel is better. I haven’t read up on the durability, problems, etc. of them.

That is probably going to be your only camera/drag-n-drop option in both the price range, and in a desktop-sized model.

There are several other options in the price range if you go with a larger stand alone unit and pair it with Lightburn to get the camera (I think the creator of Lightburn was in on the Glowforge pre-order).


Kern makes some very nice machines, with enough power to burn right through your wallet!


A laser cutter meant for business production is about the service support as much as the build quality of the machine. I’d consider going to a regional sign maker show, or just find out what nearby shows/events Universal, Epilog, Trotec, Kern, etc… have a booth at. Not only can you compare all the machines, but you can corner fellow attendees and find out what their experiences are with support services and the features you need.


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