Direction of woodgrain

Hi there! This is for a Glowforge representative. I having a great time with my new Glowforge. Many of my designs involve trees. Do all the woodgrain materials have the woodgrain running horizontal? Is there a way that the proofgrade wood can come with vertical woodgrain vs. horizontal? I have to rotate my designs ( and sometimes, I forget).

Glowforge support staff does not monitor this section of the forum. I suggest you email them directly or post this in problems and support.

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From my experience with the Proofgrade materials, yes they all run horizontally. Rotate the design if you want to run the grain the other way.

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Thank you!

Hi, couple ideas came to mind:

-Rotate the image in your design file, so when it loads to the GF, it’s the orientation you need to match the horizontal grain of the PG sheets, so you don’t have to rotate it every time in the GFUI (and prevent loss when you forget before starting the print). I finally did this for a file as I always had to rotate it to match how I was loading the material, so much faster to set up the job now!).

OR cut the sheets down so you can load them with the grain vertical if the overall design fits on the smaller pieces, that is (and files that are still vertical).

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