Dirt bike rider sign

Made a pretty cool dirt biker rider sign. Added some color to make it pop.


Great paint job. Paint pens?

This one was just a mock up coloring in Photoshop. But I usually use paint pens or color pencils.

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Great job with the colors (I might have gone with silver for the exhaust). scale of the bike to the rider is interesting. It’s either a minibike, or that rider is a giant!


Great sign and excellent coloring job.
Curious why a rider without gear though?
Granted, there are pictures of rider’s sans gear.

I spent way to long on this as is lol. I tried to make it all score lines for faster engraving time but it took forever to get it to this point.

Was just curious, sorry if I came across as judgemental.

No it didn’t, all good. I just thought it looked good for a kids sign for the amount of time put into it.

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