"Dis here workbench..."

I play a live action roleplaying game called Dystopia Rising. It’s an immersive post-apocalyptic game with a complex resource management system and economy. To ‘create’ items in play you need certain infrastructure, like workbenches or forges. They are represented by realistic props, but the ‘game’ portion has the rules written on a card for the item in question.

The cards are 3x2.5 inches, and unfortunately when used in play sometimes get misplaced; someone gets interrupted (IE attacked by raiders or a zombie horde) while transporting the card (to show you were working at the bench) to logistics (where you turn in resources you used for crafting to get finished items. To help with this, I made a board to hold the ‘paperwork’ (our in-game term for describing the out of game item card).

Warning: some profanity, written in an stylized “Old York” accent.

I’ll be cutting an acrylic cover (you can see the holes in the board) and using Chicago rivets to hold it in place, acrylic over to card holding it to the board. The board is Draftboard, the process took about 20 minutes to design and 30 to cut/engrave.


“Whats them squiggles supposed to be? Everyone keeps tellin me they say somethin but I don’t hear nothin, puts my ear real close an everythin. Ya’ll must be crazy or somethin, gravemind puttin words in your head when you look at them squiggles. Maybe we should open you up, take a look at your skull meats, make sure they ain’t tainted. I am kinda hungry.”

Looks great, and functional too!

Are you going to genre it up?

I tend to keep things like this clean for functionality purposes. It will get distressed in play.

Looks like a clever solution! :grinning:

After it looks like a grenade went off in there I clean it, and the cycle begins anew.

New iteration, with acrylic holder in place.