Disappearing posts

I saw this on this forum on my iPad while I was watching the news and thought it would be nice to follow up and see what others posted so I copied it and sent to myself in an email so I could follow up on my desktop computer.
Now I can’t find it on the forum on my computer. What gives?

Ok, now that a few of us have had our Glowforge for a little bit, it is time to share some tips and tricks.

  1. start learning Inkscape
  2. create two Inkscape files to help you clean up you materials during each use. One being a Clean up cut rectangle that I add to all my project to clean up the material. The other is just a line cut.
  3. remove all coatings and films on non proof grade materials.
  4. remove your proof grade stick and put it on a piece of plastic or wood so you can maximize the martial area and it will help when you have small pieces of proof grade that you put back in.

Post in comments, I will track what is written update the main part to reflect any tips and tricks shared.


Are you part of the facebook users group? I saw it there – maybe it wasn’t actually posted here?

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What can also happen is that the original Post might be deemed to be in the wrong section and it is moved to another section (Problems and Support, Everything Else and Beyond the Manual are the usual suspects).
If this happens then they disappear from your ‘follow’ notifications but because they have also been read by you they dont go back on the ‘new’ list

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Yeah I’m one of the red faced book members.
As Lititia used to say, “Never mind.”

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