Discord Connecting Issues

I’ve signed up for Discord to be able to participate in the chat, but after going through all the listed steps, I keep getting the message “There was a problem connecting your Glowforge account to Discord. Clow this window and try again.”

What’s wrong, besides Discord’s inability to spell the word “close”?

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Thanks for letting me know! I’m working with the team now to figure out what is going on. Appreciate your patience!

Also the close typo has been fixed. Thanks for your eagle eyes!


I am also having issues verifying my Glowforge account on Discord.

Thanks for your patience! Still working on fixing this issue today! I’ll update in this thread when it is fixed.

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Thanks! I just wanted to say this issue has been fixed for me. Not sure if something just worked itself out or if your team was behind it, but thanks for looking into it!


Woo hoo! Yes - the fix just went live 10 minutes ago, so glad it’s working for you. Thank you for joining the Discord!

@amykaway This should be working now. If you don’t mind trying to connect your account to Discord now. Thanks so much for your patience!


Thank you! I’m connected now.


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