Discourse forum tip: scaling images

Sometimes I find that when I paste an image, Discourse chooses weird dimensions. I find that big images may appear way too big, and small images may be scaled up and turn fuzzy.

I stumbled on a way to manually change image sizes while I was looking in another Discourse-powered forum: you can add a percentage to the inline image code. Drop in your image, then follow the image dimensions with a comma and a percentage, like this:


(You can adjust the pixel dimensions too, but I find it easier to use a percentage and have the computer do the math for me.)

If there is a way to adjust image size via the GUI, I could not find it.


Thanks. Always something to learn here!

Thanks for posting that – I just had a use for it.

OK here comes a stupid question. What is Discourse? Is it another image program?

It’s the platform that holds this forum. www.discourse.org

That is going to be extremely helpful. Although I have gotten a lot better at mental arithmetic due to this forum “feature”.

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Thanks for that!